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  • Are you interested in learning more about the Conestoga Valley Virtual Academy? Below are contacts for students in K-6 and 7-12. Additionally, parents and students interested in enrolling in the CV Virtual Academy will need to speak to their child's counselor or principal about the process.  



    For Students in Grades K-6

    Mrs. Cara Forrest, Administrative Assistant for Student Services

    Phone: 717-399-1547


    CVVA Primary Coordinator:

    Ms. Jill Kennett, Conestoga Valley Virtual School Liaison

    Phone: 717-397-5246 Ex. 4800


    For Students in Grades 7-8:

    Mrs. Christine Kassay, Gerald G. Huesken Middle School Assistant Principal

    Phone: 717-397-5231 Ex. 2003


    For Students in Grades 9-12:

    Dr. Matthew Fox, Conestoga Valley High School Assistant Principal

    Phone: 717-397-5231 Ex. 1006

    CVVA Secondary Coordinator:

    Ms. Linda Mercier, Conestoga Valley Virtual School Liaison

    Phone: 717-397-5231 Ex. 1116


    CVVA Program Head:

    Dr. Donovan Mann, Assistant to the Superintendent - Secondary Education

    Phone: 717-399-1547


    For Tech Support:

    Donna Witmer

    Phone: 717-399-1551