Elementary Learning Center

  • cvva elementary learning The Learning Center is a place where all CVVA Elementary students can come together for educational and social experiences. Older students who can work independently are welcome to use The Center at any time that it is open. Younger students are welcome to attend any sessions that are open to their age group. Students are welcome to use The Center on a regular basis or just attend selected sessions. Students can receive extra support with their K12 work also.


    Some of the sessions offered at The Center include:


    • Coding Club
    • STEM Classes
    • Movie Making Club
    • Math Workshops
    • Weekly Fun Friday Activities
    • Occasional Family Fun Friday Events
    • Field Trips
    • Assemblies
    • Guest Instructors
    • Language Workshops


    Students are only required to come to The Learning Center if they are not mastering a skill or not completing enough lessons each week. Attending the above sessions and clubs is not required.


    Customer support and technical issues


    CVVA families can receive direct support from K12 online through the program. They also offer our families an easy to use, one-stop resource area where you can observe support videos and get assistance with learning how to use the K12 program and courses and ways to make it work well for your family. The videos are well done and easy to understand.


    CVVA families can also contact The Learning Center directly with any questions. Once you are registered, a set up meeting will occur at The Learning Center where you will be assisted with getting into the K12 programming and help with your start up. The Learning Center teacher is always willing to set up meetings with you during the year to assist you.


    Each CVVA student is given a district laptop and printer/scanner to use while in the program. On occasion, technical issues may arise. If that happens the parent can contact the Conestoga Valley School District Tech department directly. Most times they can resolve the issue by remotely connecting to the student’s computer from the Tech Department Office. For help:


    1. Call: CV HelpDesk at 717-399-1551, or;

    2. Email: donna_witmer@conestogavalley.org