Elementary (K-6)

  • Welcome to CV’s Virtual Academy: your modern learning experience that's relationship driven. 

    Elementary Contact: 
    Jen Krouse, CV Virtual Elementary Coordinator
    Email: jennifer_krouse@conestogavalley.org

    Since 2007, Conestoga Valley’s Virtual Academy offers families a modern, online, individualized learning experience they can trust. 

    Imagine this: 

    ...desks & chairs are now a lounge-inspired hub called the Learning Center where learners may join face-to-face, weekly experiences to develop strong, healthy, personal & interpersonal relationships.

    ... textbooks & tests are now a learning journey supported by K12, an award-winning platform widely regarded as one of the highest quality curriculums online. Here, learners grow at an individual pace & can dive deep into topics of interest with more than 700 lessons per subject … all from home!

    And the best feature? CVVA families are part of a relationship with an experienced CV instructor & aide to support your family’s learning journey.

    Are you curious about a new relationship with learning? If you want more information, contact your building's principal or email Cara Forrest.

    Questions? Let curiosity lead the way! Check out our FAQ page to continue exploring.


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