Letter to Parents

  • Conestoga Valley is pleased to present our Return to Athletics Plan.  Below, you will find links to the online documents pertaining to Conestoga Valley’s plan to safely return our students to campus for athletic workouts for the summer. We have adopted guidelines and policies recommended by Governor Tom Wolf, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS) and Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA).  This information is subject to change as conditions change within our state and local communities.


    Some key elements to the attached documents include:


    1. Voluntary campus workouts may resume on Monday, July 6.  If a sport or activity is going to hold voluntary workouts or activities, the coach, director, or the advisor will contact their students regarding specific information that includes dates and times that pertain to their sport/activity.  The first two weeks of activity will consist of conditioning and individual skill development.


    2. Prior to arriving on campus all students and parents must:


    3. When arriving on campus, report to the location communicated to you by the coach.  In order to eliminate contact between groups as they transition, we ask that all students stay in their cars until their workout time and depart immediately after workouts.  Parents are expected to be on time to pick up their children.  There is no congregating before or after workouts.


    Only students are permitted in the facilities, both indoors and outdoors. No spectators are allowed on campus at this time.  When dropping off and picking up students, parents/guardians must remain in their vehicle and leave the premises immediately.


    The parking lot in the back of Rill where the athletic training room and fitness room are located is CLOSED to coaches, students and parents.  When attending a workout in the following venues, please adhere to parking, drop-off and pick up locations: 

      • For Rill Gym – half of the front parking lot DIRECTLY in front of the gym
      • For Uyeda gym – half of the front parking lot from Rill lobby entrance to the main office
      • For weight room, grass football fields, grass junior high hockey field – west entrance (student entrance, tennis court side)
      • For stadium and soccer fields – Witmer parking lot
      • For softball field/ Bowl soccer field - middle school parking lot
      • For tennis courts – Area of student parking lot closest to pavilion/ tennis courts
      • For baseball field – Far corner of student parking lot nearest the baseball field
        • *Signs will be posted to help with directions


    4. Upon arrival and During Workouts

      • At all times, students are to maintain a social distance of 6 feet as they move throughout the campus and in the building and maintain 10 feet while working out.
      • Face Masks (Applies to Students and Staff)
        • Upon arrival, all students and staff must be masked.
        • Masks will always be used when not working out (i.e. When entering the indoor facilities, arriving to a field/track, walking through the halls, using restroom, during long breaks, when workouts are over, etc.). Masks are recommended in the weight room while spotting.
        • Students are not required to wear face masks while working out or competing.  Staff must wear masks when within 10 feet of students unless doing so is hazardous to their health.
      • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival, during breaks and before departure.  Hand sanitizer will be supplied; however, it is recommended that students bring their own sanitizer.
      • Students must bring their own water bottles. Water fountains are closed at this time.  Sharing of drinks is prohibited.  Food, gum, sunflower seeds are prohibited unless needed for health reasons (i.e. low blood sugar).
      • Students are to remain in the designated area as directed by staff.
      • In the weight room, students are to wipe down their workout equipment prior to moving on to the next workout station.


    5. Students and staff who appear to have symptoms or who become sick during workouts will be immediately separated from other students, masked and instructed to return home.  Athletic Director’s office should be notified 717-397-5231 x1060.  Please see the COVID-19 SYMPTOMS, TESTING & MANAGEMENT section of the CV Return to Play plan for return to play protocol after illness.


    If you have any questions, please contact your coach or the Athletic Director, Dina Henry at 717-397-5231 x1060 or via email at dina_henry@conestogavalley.org.


    We thank you for taking the time to review the documents. We are excited to have our students back on campus. Still, we must proceed with an abundance of caution and safety. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.