• Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of most cyber charter schools, CVVA will help determine students’ strengths and weaknesses before entering an online course of study and tailor a program that is right for you. There are no prerequisites for enrollment in CVVA, except that you must be a resident of the district. 

    CV provides computer hardware, including a printer if needed, as well as reimbursement for a broadband internet connection, up to $20 per month during the school year. Students also receive a complete curriculum package, including regular technology support, individualized personal instruction from local, highly-qualified teachers and even textbooks and student materials, when necessary.

    Our teachers maintain contact with students via email and phone calls, facilitate face-to-face student/teacher meetings at a convenient district site regularly and direct assignments and grading of each course of study. CV also offers an Elementary Learning Center for elementary students and a CVVA Internet Cafe for high school students where students can come and receive additional hands-on help as needed. 
    CVVA students and families may contact local instructors with any issues related to content and schedule face-to-face sessions as needed. Emails and phone calls are returned within 24 hours on normal school days. CVVA students are also assigned a guidance counselor. 

    Make the most of your Conestoga Valley education.

    Virtual Academy students have access to Conestoga Valley class field trips, music and art classes, regularly-scheduled elective courses not offered online, athletics and social events such as homecoming and prom. 
    In fact, CVVA students are able to participate in all school activities, including internship programs. They can even work at on-campus science labs at the secondary level, or visit our expansive fitness center. Why CVVA? Because we're much more than your average cyber school... we combine online learning with a LOCAL touch.
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